me2 Welcome to This Girl Rocks Healthy!

If you’re looking for adventures in healthy food, exercise and living from a novice wannabe weight watchers and healthy liver you’re in the right place. Whilst I’m a novice at walking the walk I’m an expert at talking the talk. I’m well educated in nutrition and a nurse in my other life so my body logic is on point. ¬†What may not be is how I’ve lived my life up to this point! We all get sucked in my life sometimes right? Well mine made me eat my way to far too high a weight and all to importantly an unhealthy mind and body. I’ve done a lot of work on the mind side, I’ll share that too and now the body has to follow suit.

So I’m just one person in a sea of bloggers about weight loss but I’m here to really make a difference to my life and I want to drag you along with me, motivate each other I suppose. I’ll show the lows and highs, honestly and brutally at times. I love to laugh and laugh at myself more than anything else!

So what is there to laugh at? I’m a 30 something, mum of one, who has done everything a bit backwards really, had children then pursued a career in nursing, I put a lot of things before me which didn’t really work out and then I started to pursue my own happiness, I got married when my son was 10, he was an integral part of the day which meant the world to us.

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My family are a key to my happiness, I was raised by my dad and grandparents, my step mother joined us when I was 6 and I was so lucky to grow up with incredible people in my life. I may not have had a mother but I had a village of incredible women, and men, around me. While they may be in Cornwall and I may be in Nottingham I see them often and love them hard.

So welcome to my life, I’m happy to share it, if you wanna join me elsewhere on social media you’ve got instagram, pinterest and facebook to have a look in and join in.