The Stress Diet

Its been a very interesting week in my household to say the least! We’ve had dramas involving the police and theft, we have finally in our possession a piece of our wedding which meant the world to us.

During our wedding ceremony the three of us mixed some glass crystals together, all in separate colours, we sent them off to a company who have made them into a sculpture for us. Sadly due to some dastardly interventions by untrustworthy people we ended up with the wrong thing for just over a month. Now we have our glass it’s lovely, I love it, but the situation and resolving it has been so so stressful. I should make very clear that those bad folk are not the company themselves, Unity in Glass, who in direct contradiction have been amazing, their customer service has been exceptional, I can’t praise them enough.


Then work has been stressful too, its something I can’t discuss all that much but there are many threads and things happening at work which are stressful and I feel like I’m making stupid mistakes. Nothing undermines me as much as me when I do this. I’m not sleeping well and that just perpetuates the cycle.

My food has largely been fluctuating. From healthy meals to cookies, it’s all been in there. I’m finding a few days now to try and level myself, enjoy relaxation and then start a fresh.

I continue to feel liberated though, liberated in the knowledge that when peoples lives are hectic they tend to be lazier with food, and that when they are more calm they are more balanced. I just need to balance the stress with the de-stress now and it should tip back in to balance.


If you follow along on instagram you’ll know that in my possession this week came the BodyBoss system. With 100 days to Bali coming around at the same time it seems the perfect place to make me feel better about myself. To move my body some more and boost myself. Give myself some semblance of calm and well being again.

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