Weight Loss

10 Small Changes To Help Weight Loss Last

Weight loss is a tricky thing, long term weight loss is statistically really difficult. It requires life long changes and those are hard to bed in sometimes. Small steps are guaranteed to help you build in to big changes.

Here’s my 10 changes to help weight loss hints and tips….

weight loss last

  1. Drink More Water

So this seems such an insignificant thing but drinking water is always an advantage for weight loss. Drinking before meals has been shown to reduce appetite and portion size, drinking water first thing in the morning torches up your metabolism and it helps control cravings.


See how much of your body needs water to function properly! I always find I lose more weight when I get a good 2litres of water in my system a day.

2. Increase your steps

Ever since I bought my very first Fitbit I’ve loved being able to track my movement, and with the advent of the more advanced fitbits (and my current fitbit the Charge 2  which monitors heart rate, movement, steps, exercise, and even links to your phone to be a GPS when you go out and run. You don’t need a fitbit to increase your steps though! It’s as easy as taking the stairs, parking at the far end of the car park, walking over to talk to a colleague instead of emailing, going for an evening walk instead of watching a soap. Increasing activity makes your body work better, it sparks your metabolism, and helps your mental health too.

9344 TFGM walking leaflet.indd


3. Eat Mindfully

I’ve been known to munch a packet of biscuits when I’m hungry without even realising what I’ve done because I’m busy working or writing or intently watching Pretty Little Liars. Eating mindfully means sitting and ONLY eating. No eating and scrolling. No eating and watching. No eating and chatting. Just eating. At a table. Savoring every bite and giving your body time to tell you you’re full and then listening to it and stopping. Mindful eating does not involve conversation about Hannahs fashion business or who is A.D.


4. Write It Down

Or log it, or whatever, record what you eat, whatever you put in your mouth write it down, assess it, putting it down in front of you in black and white really does make a difference, it makes you consider that moment you pop something in your mouth a lot more after a day or two of doing it your brain thinks automatically “do you wanna write that down?” and suddenly that McDonalds doesn’t seem all that appealing*. Also so many beautiful stationary choices can be made to keep that diary up to date and beautiful like the books from Fox & Moon, to a good old Bullet Journal.


I use the Weight Watchers app to track all my food and point it for me cause really, aint nobody got time for that.

*Sorry that was a lie, McDonalds is never not appealing.

5. Get Enough Shut Eye

Sleep is so essential to just about everyone’s basic functioning from digestion to muscle repair to dealing with life. I tell my patients that the most important part of their mental health recovery is to get their sleeping patterns right. It works for recovery from chubby syndrome too. Sleep helps your body repair and reset, digest and turn all that lovely protein into muscle (yes yes massive simplification). Also The University of Pensylvania found that sleep deprivation = weight gain. No shit! It’s here if you want to look at the study but the pertinent bit is…

Conclusions: In the largest, most diverse healthy sample studied to date under controlled laboratory conditions, sleep restriction promoted weight gain. Chronically sleep-restricted adults with late bedtimes may be more susceptible to weight gain due to greater daily caloric intake and the consumption of calories during late-night hours

Like you know when you’re hungover you’re hungry as? It’s not booze it’s tired. You don’t sleep soundly as a result of the booze so the next day you will eat a horse and it’s scabby grandmother. I know that on my third long shift in a row, I’ll eat mostly anything put in front of me.


6. Plan Your Meals

Spending an hour a week planning what you are going to eat for the week means you are far less likely to get off track, and again there are a range of awesome stationary choices out there to help you plan, I love Veronica Dearly’s planners and her great notebooks. I love that they are quirky and functional. At home we have a chalkboard which we plan everything on for the week for all three of us. It’s saved us a tonne of shopping money and means that the food in the house is not impulse buys but planned out healthy food. There should be little wastage too so yay for the environment.


7. Shop Online

Pretty much all the major supermarkets will deliver your shopping for you, they love to do it in fact, we personally use the big blue T supermarket and have great service but it’s each to their own, after we plan our meals we do a shopping list and an online order. It arrives at our door in our allotted slot and we aren’t tempted by the rows of cookies, chocolate and cupcakes, nor the lovely naughty booze.


8. Plan Your Day and Make Your Bed

This sounds weird but stay with me. What feels worse than getting up late, rushing out the door in the morning, leaving behind a trail of destruction. Feeling like a hot mess doesn’t start your day off right at all, get up 10 minutes earlier, prep your outfit and bag the night before, make your damn bed. You’ll feel better for it I promise. Do not hit snooze, I repeat do not hit snooze. You’ll feel more in control of your life and less likely to stress eat or abandon your carefully planned meals for the day. You can do this, it’s 10 minutes less in bed to make you feel more together for the rest of your day and far more in control.


9. Set a Goal

I’m not talking 5lbs lost or something like that but have something to look forward to, be it a dirty weekend away with your significant other, a stay cation in your back yard in your bikini, or a luxury holiday somewhere, plan something you want to feel great for. A night of dancing with your girlfriends, a meal in a fancy restaurant or a walk on the beach. It’s all about having something to stoke the fire inside you that will drive you forward when it’s dark outside and you have a box set you want to watch. Give yourself non food rewards as you go along.


10. Break it Down 

If you look at trying to lose, lets say 100lbs, you’ve got no hope of doing it looking at it like that, its too immense, but kill 5lbs, totally. You can do that in a few weeks with the right kind of dedication. Take it 1 lb at a time, once you focus on that the 100lbs will just appear bit by bit.


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