Why Saying Yes Was The Best Thing Ever

I’ll confess, for all my bolshy behaviour, sarcasm and bravado I’m not the most confident of people, I feel self conscious on a daily basis, when I catch sight of myself in the mirror I am reminded I’m not where I want to be and it knocks me a bit still. Most of the time I feel pretty bad ass but it doesn’t take a massive amount to punch me in the gut.

867058Going by the amount of memes for “catch yourself in a mirror” I’m not alone in these feelings.

So for some time I’ve wanted to try a martial art of some kind, I had been to my exes dojo a couple of times before and warmed up with them, trained a little, however it was always his thing and I was always an intruder in that. Fast Forward 5 years and I was chatting with a new colleague at my new job and he mentions he does kick boxing and BJJ and I thought that sounds like fun, so when he invited me a  long I jumped at the chance to go. Then I regretted it for about a week or so before I got up the courage to commit to it. I told him I would go and that was it, no backing out.

I will admit I was scared and excited. I joined Weight Watchers and I’ve not been doing great at tracking yet, tempted by treats at work and Easter chocolate far too much, I’ll more than likely maintain this week and I’ll be ok with it. I knew that I’d likely be the biggest at the class, that I would likely be the most unfit of the class, and a pure beginner. I went though and I did everything that was asked of me and dear god it was hard. So so hard. HIIT warm up followed by extremities training and some kick boxing techniques then sparring. Its not a cardio kickboxing class, it’s a proper kick boxing gym with people doing MMA, BJJ etc.

I was really enjoying myself until about 45 minutes in, when my stomach fully rejected everything I’d eaten that day. Thankfully it gave me suitable warning, I made it to the bathroom and had a little mini vomit. I came back out and tried to get back in to it again but 10 minutes later I was feeling shocking again and ready to lose more of my stomach contents and ended up sitting out for a bit.


So not my proudest moment but in a lot of ways I was happy that I threw up, came back and tried again. I was so into it.

I couldn’t spar properly because I didn’t have pads/mouth guards and I had borrowed a pair of gloves, so I’ve ordered myself some and of course they are gorgeous in pink.


I can’t wait to get back next week. If you’re scared get back at it, it may be the best thing you’ve ever done. Tell me about how you’ve broken a barrier for you? How did it work out? 


One thought on “Why Saying Yes Was The Best Thing Ever

  1. Power spitting, heck yes! I’ve heard so many things (only great things!) about kick boxing and how it’s a great way to release some energy and to get rid of that stress. I am however also too scared to join a class. In fact, I always train at home (mostly Pilates) because gyms intimidate me. I need to start saying yes to more things, and to get over some fears.

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