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My Beginners Guide to Weight Watchers Smart Points

AS I spoke about previously I decided to make the decision to join Weight Watchers Smart Points, and started on Monday, that decision to join a diet club didn’t come easy I’m not a fan of paying to lose weight because as a business model its counter intuitive to actually see people succeed but I’m thrown my hat in and promised to give it a decent go.


So what have I learnt about Weight Watchers Smart Points in my research before joining and since starting out…

Smart Points favours protein over sugar and saturated fat

All foods start with a calorie count points score then the amount of protein in it lowers the value, while saturated fat and sugars increase that number. Makes sense right? Protein fills you up, keeps you full for longest, sugar pummels your blood sugar and sends you to sleep at 3pm in a sugar crash coma. Makes full sense to promote one and not the other.

Fruit and veg are an all you can eat buffet

Most fruit and veg (I say most cause it’s not all) is all you can eat, I mean that in they are 0 smart points and are likely to fill you up before you over indulge in them, my tactic is to try and eat half a plate of veg with my dinner at least and try and include it in all meals. I eat my veg first a lot of the time so I fill my belly space with the low cal stuff.

brendan kearney illustration

Smart Points create a lifestyle

So counting calories creates the energy in energy out expenditure that we all know leads to weight loss but one thing I’ve been impressed with Weight Watchers is that it’s making you consider the choices you are making as well, not just calories but their macros too. Moving you away from sugar and saturated fat, although it doesn’t keep you away from fake sugar and thats something I have to be careful about. Feeding the sugar dragon comes in many forms not just real sugar, our bodies struggle to tell the difference anyway. One thing I learned from the Whole30 is I love being sugar free and genuinely feel better for it. Hoping this will give me some balance.

Exercise is a Bonus

So every week you get your weekly points which are there to be used on top of your daily points. You can use them for anything above and beyond what you eat in a normal day. On top of that, if you’re super hungry or thirsty then you can use any points you earn in movement. Exercise points can be earned directly from your Fitbit (do you know how much I love my Charge 2?) or by inputting what you’ve done through the day. I love the tie in with fitbit because despite wanting to earn fit points I’m lazy. Getting the little cheer for earning those points makes me so happy though. I know, I’m lame.


Support is built in

Weight Watchers has built into it’s app which is like a Weight Watchers Instagram, its called Connect and it literally connects you with a tonne of other people doing Weight Watchers and makes you engage with other people on the same or similar journey as you. As it goes I like it, it’s been a friendly place for me and so far, even though I’ve only just started, I’ve enjoyed conversing with people. You dont have to go to meetings, you don’t have to engage in real life conversations you can be safe online (well I feel safer online lol).

Life carries on 

Whether you decide to follow it or not, life is going to go on, I like that I can make decisions within my life that fit the plan but are still tasty, I like being able to eat out, I like using the app to work out what things are going to be before I eat them, and I like the feeling of making good choices. So if I don’t follow it I’m throwing away £££ and time.


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