Weight Loss

The Weight Watchers Beginning

I sit here on Easter Sunday, I ate chocolate at breakfast, chinese for dinner and not a healthy bit of food in between (unless you count those fried eggs?). Full and happy after a family day I sit here and contemplate what I’m about to start. A proper diet plan. Counting points and having a framework in which to eat.

So far I like the Weight Watchers app, it has a simple layout thats fairly intuative, and a cool rip off version of instagram where people aren’t mocked for posting their meals. I mean I like a food post as much as the next person so I’ll be using that (beccarockslife on WW connect) and instagram as usual. I’ll try and get better at posting my food.

I’m banning sweet stuff completely. While WW doesn’t actually ban anything, I need to for a bit, I can’t trust myself around it so it’s gonna be a no go for my own mental health.


I’m also gonna start getting those fit points in, I’ve been saying it for weeks but exercise really has been lacking in my life for far too long. I yearn to feel the burn. Or something like that.

So this is Monday. Day one. Cliche maybe but it feels like a genuinely new start for me, one that I can embrace. My major goal right now is to feel comfortable in my skin ready for Bali in August, thats not all about weight loss, there is a mental game there too, I have to care about myself more. Love myself more even. Time will tell how that goes, but I feel now is the best time to do this I’ve had in a long time, I’m no longer working shifts, I’m working regular hours, I have a more settled life, and workplace, whilst I am now more pressured at work, more responsible, I have a much more reasonable framework in which to fit in a daily workout or a healthy meal. I’ve run out of excuses not to put myself first.

I’m excited for Bali, I’ve been planning activities and looking at exciting opportunities and I want to enjoy them without feeling self conscious about myself. I know I would right now. Focus has got to be key right now. I’ve installed an app on Chrome which is a habit tracker, I’m a fan of bullet journalling but not artistic enough or able to spare enough time, its called Hey Habit if you fancy looking it up, theres also Habitvator but I just prefer the look of Hey Habit and its functionality, as it just opens everytime I open a new tab on Chrome.

So right now my inspiration is here, I cannot wait for it to come but I’m also conscious that it’ll be around quickly so every day between now and then will be important. I can’t waste time anymore, I’m a terrible procrastinator at the best of times so over the next few months I’ll share my progress and my tips and tricks for getting there and also any fails I have!


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