Weight Loss

The Diet Dilemma

This last two weeks since the Whole 30 ended have been odd. When faced with freedom I’ve gone back to old habits  ones that make me feel shit and ones that don’t push the scale in the right direction.

I’ve felt lousy as a result, out of control and just unbalanced in what I was doing, I was less productive, my sleep was shitty and I’ve just been blergh.

At the end of the day I’m not in a place really to have no structure, the Whole30 is super structured and now I need something which is less restrictive but still meets what I need. I’ve decided to give Weight Watchers a go, just online as I can’t cope with groups and products and chat about my week. I’ll save that for you all you poor bastards.


I start counting my points on the app today and if you are on the connect thingy I’m beccarockslife on there. So far I like the thing, I’ve got a generous allowance of points and I plan to get my butt moving in the gym again soon.

So the moral of the story is I need to set boundaries, clear ones that mean something to me and I need to remain accountable too. I really should know all this about myself but sadly no, I’m not all that knowledgeable about myself except that I want more. I’ll give you an update soon.

Why I chose weight watchers over other diet plans because it suits my endomorph body, lower in carbs, high in protein and low in fat. It gives me some freedom for the odd drink or snack that’s not perfect but not excessive either.

So here we go….weight watchers be gentle with me. I’ll post more regular and daily updates on instagram so you know, catch me over dare, how bout that?

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