Weight Loss

Where Now?

Since the end of the Whole30, (check out my top tips from last week and this week on a successful Whole30 btw), I’ve been on a bit of an introduction programme. By programme I mean I’ve eaten what I’ve liked and seen how it’s sit. What I’ve learnt is that dairy is bad. Very Very bad. I’ve always suspected it, I often would get stomach pains after eating dairy, particularly milk based things like ice cream, however it never really stopped me in my tracks. On Sunday I drank a caramel Frappacino. Big mistake. Agony followed.


Sorry TMI? Welcome to my world.

Reality is there are some things I’m dying to reintroduce, smoothies for instance, strongly frowned upon during the Whole30 although if not technically banned, I love a good smoothie, green ones, pink ones, sometimes a combo of the both, smoothies are a great start to the day.

Then there’s oats. I’m a fan of porridge, people who follow my instagram will know how much porridge means to me, how amazingly tasty it is, how it warms me of a morning, so porridge may come back in to my life.

I’ve set my macros up on My Fitness Pal, Protein 40%, Carbs 45% and Fat 15% based upon some research I’ve done around my body type, I’m a classic Endomorph, stubby, chubby with boobs and hips.


More about this research another time. On Monday I tried to get back on track, on Tuesday I did get back on track, I started tracking again on MFP, I started to concentrate on what made my body feel good and I started to plan my training sessions and my lifestyle going forwards. I’ve learnt that free reign means too much for me, I need boundaries because they make me feel better, they make me enjoy life more because I can work and bump those boundaries but not break them. There is a book called never binge again which explains a very similar approach, you set the boundaries and anything outside of them is considered a binge. It’s interesting, cause I realise that over the past week how quickly I become dependant on sugar, on caffeine, on easy carbs. They bring out the lazy unhappy side of me, where I don’t feel productive. I also realise how difficult it is to break those habits again. Tuesday was tough, Wednesday was easier.


So life post Whole30 is sketchy, I guess I’m eating how I see healthy, largely whole 30 with the odd smoothie (homemade) and green juice thrown in, maybe a protein shake and the odd diet coke too.

How do you balance a healthy lifestyle? What does it look like for you? 

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