Top 10 Hints for a Successful Whole30 Part 2

Part one of my hints and tips for a successful Whole30 was a post a lot of you liked so here is my part two, tips 6-10 are below. Whole30 is a challenge, it’s tough, thats why you feel good at the end of it, no one has made you run for 30 days or do anything strenuous yet you feel on top of the world because you did hard things.


6. You are a badass, don’t underestimate yourself

To survive, or even start, anything thats challenging you have to be a badass, so even considering a Whole30 makes you just that, just don’t underestimate yourself and psych yourself out. It’s so easy to say I could never live without…. and stop yourself before you even started but the reality is you can. There is no medical condition I’m aware of that requires you to eat cheese (cheese o holics you need a detox anyway, see 12 step programmes for inspiration).

Instead of thinking what if I fall, wonder what would happen if you flew. You can do this, I bet you’ve done super hard things in your life, 30 days without cheese/chocolate/pizza should not be a problem. Remember you’ve survived every one of your bad days in your life, you’ll survive this too. Believe you can do it, that you want to do it, and half the battle is won already.


7. Don’t overthink or overshare

The Whole30 is as complex or as simple as you make it really, you can make beautiful meals with the blend of flavours which would make the cookery goddess in you rejoice or you can make functional, simple meals which while tasty take 15 minutes per meal, and you can prep it all in advance. Overthinking is a key to failure, don’t make life harder than it has to be for you.

The overshare bit is important too, when you start feeling this amazing tiger blood phase you may want to shout about Whole30 from the rooftops but then you’d be a dick. Don’t be a dick. If people ask you what you’re doing then thats fantastic! Spread the word, however don’t be that guy who is the break room lunch monitor, that’s not cool man.


8. You may not be able to weigh in but non scale victories are even sweeter

We all know that the scale isn’t the only measure of progress right? But yet there we go day after day using it to define all sorts of stuff about us from our self worth to our “goodness” where as actually all it does is tell us our relationship with gravity.

Non Scale Victories (NSV) are all the things you notice when you’re not gazing down at the scales, they are the “my trousers are loser” “my clothes look good” “my body feels great” and the “my hair and nails are growing so fast” “my skin is less irritated” “I’m not tired at 3pm”. I love the NSV because they take you by surprise, you just notice them one day, my husband isn’t having to moisturise his skin every day any more, I’ve noticed my hair has grown a tonne, and before my Whole30 had finished I knew that my body was changing cause my clothes fit better.


9. Protein.

Protein is a key ingredient to so many things from muscle building to feeling full. A meal without protein in some form or another is likely not to be as satisfying as a meal with protein. We should be getting at least 20% of our daily nutrition from protein and nutritionists largely agree that animal protein is the easiest and most satisfying form of protein. I know that there are plenty of people out there who disagree with that though and thats cool, there are plenty of ways to get protein without animal meat.

Don’t be afraid to double up those eggs, the rumours aren’t true and they are a great source of protein and fats.


10. Last but not least, enjoy the journey. 

At times you will feel exhausted, those few days where you withdraw from sugar and caffeine (if you don’t drink coffee like me and get your caffeine from diet coke) you probably wont enjoy it but I did a little, I loved the feeling that no matter how much I needed to nap at work in the middle of a meeting I wasn’t going to give in. It’s that little internal feeling of achievement which spurred me on to see what I could do the next day, could I get up early and work out (no), could I cook a brand new recipe (yes), can I resist cravings for ben and jerrys (yes), maybe I could go for a lunchtime walk (no, I never escape work at lunch).

I learnt a lot about myself during those 30 days. I’m never going to be my husband and up at 5 and in the gym. Thats not me at all, I am not a morning person, however I do know now that I am not ruled by food, particularly sugary food. I can stop thinking about it and never worry about it again. I can chose to have something of that nature after the Whole30 but I know I can give it up again.

Nothing worth having comes easy, so be present while you work and be proud.


Tell me your top tips!

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